Daniel Dickason

Daniel Dickason is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student at Colorado School of Mines. He is a member of the University Innovation Fellows, a Stanford and National Science Foundation initiative to increase innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education. Daniel also holds a leadership and mentor role with the Engineering Grand Challenges Themed Learning Community.

Jessica Burkel

Jessie Burckel is a senior in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. She is a member of Residence Life and Active Minds at Mines. She is an avid reader and loves learning new things about the world. She loves TED Talks and is so excited to help host the first ever TEDx event on the Mines campus.

Grayland Balmer

Grayland Balmer is a sophomore Chemical and Biochemical Engineering student at CSM. His interests lie within the biomedical, sustainable energy, and mechanical systems sectors of society. Some say that Grayland is the Stig from the late TV show "Top Gear," and that he is actually the most interesting man in the world. He also enjoys TEDx talks and hypothetical discussions.

Sean Smith

Legend says Sean Smith studies Mechanical Engineering at CSM. The locals say he is currently working on alternative jet propulsion technology, but that's just a rumor. They also say he built this website.

Trevor Clevenger

Trevor Clevenger is a sophomore in Engineering Physics at the Colorado School of Mines. He is also one of the Mines University Innovation Fellows and likes to work around campus on projects promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Becca May

Becca May is currently a Junior studying Computer Science at CSM. Outside of being a Resident Assistant and teaching a STEM class for middle school girls, Becca spends much of her time sleeping and skiing, so much so that she dropped a class to have more time on the slopes.

Tara Maestas

Many people do not know what Tara is opening the door to in the picture. Is this a metaphor for the future? For opportunities and ideas? It looks like a wall, and is in fact a wall. The reason she enjoys this picture so much and insists on using it is that the door is from the Lucas films studio in CA and the name on the door was the code name Lucas films used to escape the public. Much like her code name is Tara. She is pleased to meet you, random website viewer.